Our Vision

Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence based smart networks for Reliable mObile communicationS

The initiative covers the full beyond 5G value chain satellite, network, cloud, cloud-edge computing, ML, AI, end-to-end cybersecurity, innovative devices, Industry IoT, cell-less MIMO and Terahertz Communication and address vertical services for automotive and augmented reality for ultra-high data rates




Aalborg Univ.


Altice Labs






Univ. Bremen

Instituto de Telecomunicações (ITAV)




To develop promising technological enablers and assemble them into a B5G system concept as a consumer-centric service delivery platform, to be realized as a multi-tenant infrastructure from heterogeneous resources.

Goal: How an infrastructure composed of resources of different types (radio, compute, storage, and networking), sizes and variants (e.g. resources using THz, satellites, optical wireless communications, legacy system integration, etc.) can offer end-to-end ubiquitous connectivity with ultra-high data rates, extreme reliability and imperceptible latency. Besides, it is in the scope of this objective to show analytically and through technical demonstrations the feasibility and the advantages of a systemic approach to resilience, security and privacy.



To develop and analyze smart and context-aware runtime selection and dimensioning paradigms, capable both of integrating resources and of executing services in a dynamic and optimized way, contributing to the challenges of sustainable development objectives (SDG).

Goal: Achieve optimal system scale, upfront knowledge and available energy sources. Among others, a distributed implementation of ICT services allows to create synergies with renewable energy production, since grid tasks can be performed directly where renewable energy sources are available. System-level simulations and proof-of-concept implementations will demonstrate and assess gains in terms of, for example, resource footprints needed, timely execution of distributed tasks and sustainable energy efficiency.


To initiate an ecosystem building process for a green and versatile consumer-oriented ICT service delivery market, integrating all relevant stakeholders.

Goal: Building a process for initiating a vision towards the beyond 2030 marketplace, realised as a proximity platform of smart connectivity, which is able to reflect the views of the ICT and the vertical industries. This requires the development of futuristic use cases in selected sectors that reflect the views of the stakeholders interacting with the platform, and which will be approved by community-specific policy makers (e.g. regulation bodies, industry associations).


To actively promote design space assessments and conclusions on recommendations for B5G system architectures.

KAIROS will adopt a multi-objective dissemination and stakeholder outreach plan for maximizing impact on the research community as well as on the communities of the stakeholders and vertical sectors. In particular, KAIROS will disseminate the results in terms of: Pre-standardisation input to relevant SDOs and industry fora, notably 3GPP, ETSI, 5GAA, 5G-ACIA. Novel mechanism and procedure proposals in top scientific communities/journals. Open research issues to the strategic research and innovation agendas of Networld2020, 5GIA and upcoming PPP SN&S, and similar relevant international efforts.