Kairos: The Impact

The strategic roadmap of the initiative JB5GR is to define a novel, participatory approach to networking and service provisioning, redefining 500the smart connectivity infrastructure as a dynamic composition of all resources of participating users


Major Results:

Guidelines and Recommendations for the next generation system


– Studies & Insights on utterly novel control and user plane function types

-Capabilities of distributed AI at system level in a clean, novel design – New opportunities and challenges of system integration of user-devices

– Novel concepts of prosumer-centric service provisioning 

– Performance indicators and limits for the integrated Cloud/Radio system, incl. deep edge



Studied and verified through a series of proofs of concept

Demonstrations aided by emulations and simulations

– Looking far into the future, no full system concept possible. Hence, focus on technology development and their integration.

– Strong consortium gathered to solve the system design quests.

Validation using demonstration platforms built

On testbed facilities from various partners

– Network-wide resource sharing built on distributed AI

– AI enhanced connected car of the future

– Validation of beamforming in THz bands – Tactile Internet applications


KAIROS proposal